Yandex Backup Wizard – Securely Download Yandex Mail to PC


If you want to backup Yandex Mail to computer or in any file formats, then this wizard is the right choice for you.

Yandex Mail is a free web-based email service provider, mostly popular in Russia.

“I am using Yandex Mail services for a long time; I want to download my business-related emails from Yandex account to the local drive. Is it possible to backup only my 2 years emails from Yandex Mail, instead of transferring the complete data? If yes, then please suggest me some simple solution for downloading only required emails from Yandex Mail.”

Let the user know that there is no manual solution for backup Yandex emails to hard drive. We have come with an alternate solution. This approach includes the use of a tool named as Yandex Email Backup Wizard. It is an independent and direct solution to archive Yandex mail in a hassle-free manner.

Introducing Yandex Backup Wizard – Reliable & Affordable

Tool4Mail Trustworthy Email Backup Tool helps users to backup Yandex emails to a local drive. This software permits you to download emails in multiple file formats. It offers a lot of features (reminders, themes, translators, online storage, etc.) It’s a professional utility to archive Yandex email to a local drive.

The tool is fully standalone and works well with all versions of Windows Operating System including Win 11. It is capable enough to download Yandex Mail along with their all email attachments. This is the most secure, fast and advanced utility for creating backup of Yandex emails.


Instant Steps to Backup Yandex Emails to Computer;

Step 1. Run the tool. Click Open >> select Email Accounts >> Add accounts.

add email account

Step 2. Enter your Yandex email account credentials.

enter credentials

Step 3. Now, click on the "Export" option and select the desired file format.

select file type

Step 4. Finally set the location and hit the Save button.

yandex backup

That’s it. Now, the software automatically downloading emails in the desired location.

This application is specially designed for backup Yandex emails to computer with multiple saving options. It maintains folder hierarchy during backup.

Advanced Key Features of Yandex Email Backup Wizard

Filter Option

Tool4Mail Yandex Mail Backup tool has an advanced filter option to download Yandex emails. This wizard permits the user to take the backup of Yandex emails in various saving options (subject, from, to, date range, etc.).

Multiple Email Saving Option

The best part of the Yandex backup wizard is that the application allows users to transfer Yandex email to local drive in multiple file formats (MBOX, PST, EML, HTML, PDF, etc.). Users can download emails in any desire file saving options.

Transfer Yandex Mailbox to Webmail

With the help of this tool, user can migrate emails to various web-based server account (Office 365, Gmail, Rediff mail,, Yahoo Mail, etc.). It is an affordable solution to import Yandex emails to popular webmail accounts.

IMAP Option Available

Yandex Email Backup Wizard is smartly designed to download Yandex emails to the IMAP server account. With the help of this feature in the tool, the user is capable to transfer Yandex emails to any IMAP based server account without facing any issue.

Retains Data Structure

The Tool4Mail Yandex Mail Backup tool is the best application for users to preserve email properties, data integrity, and folder hierarchy when downloading Yandex email to a local drive or a web-based client. It will remain intact in its original format.

Preserve Key Elements

The Yandex Backup wizard helps you backup Yandex emails in their native format (cc, bcc, date, time, message, signature, attachments, etc.) to your system, local drive, flash drive, memory card or any other external storage drive. This tool protects key elements of your information and maintains the originality of metadata. This will help users to manage their data.

Selective Option

The selective option offered by the software is very useful for you. This option will help you get rid of the full backup of emails by selecting required email folder from the list. The use of this option will automatically save time and effort.

Final Words

In the article above, we briefly explain the complete Yandex email backup solution. Tool4Mail Yandex Backup Tool is an efficient solution to download Yandex Mail into a local drive or web-based client. Yandex Email Backup Wizard is a multi-feature software. Using this software, you can quickly send Yandex mail to the system with several file formats. In addition, a trial version is available for the instrument. Install this application to experience the utility work.

User Reviews
"Yandex backup wizard is a reliable and easy-to-use backup app. I've had it for a long time now and all the features work just like they should. It's actually better than I could have thought of and I'm glad that I didn't try to build something on my own..."
"Yandex Mail backup tool is the best tool I've found with its super easy interface and great customer support. After using the app for a few minutes, my inbox was backed up and I was able to restore it anytime!"
"I recommend Yandex Mail backup tool to everyone who wants to easily back up their emails. You don't need any specialist knowledge or complicated procedures to use it and it is a very simple, easy-to-use tool that works great."
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