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Learn How to Backup Yahoo Mail to Computer Quickly and Trouble-Free

Regularly backing up important emails, pictures, documents, and other data is especially important these days when hackers are smarter than we think.

If you think cloud accounts cannot be hacked, then you are wrong. In September 2016, Yahoo announced that nearly 500 million Yahoo mail accounts had been compromised. Yahoo announced again that this time around 1 billion accounts had been hit by another hack.

"Most people have a typical question in their daily life, how do they instantly backup Yahoo email to computer? There are several reasons why you might want to migrate your email to another platform or web-based email clients. Whatever the reason, all you have to do is save Yahoo email to hard drive or computer correspondence.”

Worried about your important data stored in Yahoo account? Don't worry!

To solve this problem, we need to make regular Yahoo mail backups. But you don't have enough time to manually download or backup mailbox data from the Yahoo account? Be grateful, there are several Yahoo backup wizards available in the market to help you archive Yahoo mail to computer. But which tool is the best.

We know that it is not possible to try each tools working and then choose one from them.

What Does The Best Yahoo Backup Wizard Offer?

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Secure and Accurate Backup
  • Preserves Email Properties
  • Backup Emails from Multiple Accounts
  • Download Yahoo mail data with all attachments
  • 24*7 dedicated customer support

Here in the below image, you can see one of the best Yahoo Mail backup tool that works great to download Yahoo emails along with attachments. Check this out.

yahoo mail backup infographics

How to Archive Yahoo Emails to PC?

If you want to backup Yahoo emails to computer, Tool4mail Yahoo Backup Tool is the best choice for you. It's a safe way to create backup of multiple Yahoo mail accounts. Only email account credentials are required to continue the backup task.

This is the Best Email Backup Software 2022 that helps you to download Yahoo mail data to local drive. It provides option to backup Yahoo mail in several file types that supported by popular email applications.

The program is efficient enough to save and print multiple emails in Yahoo with attachments. It enables you to save multiple emails from Yahoo account in one go without losing a single bit of information.

This Yahoo mail backup software free download allows you to find and backup only the emails you need from Yahoo! which can save you a lot of time. You can search emails by subject, sender, date, etc. This tool retains the original email formatting and folder structure, which is different from other programs.

Apart from that, it permits you to download all photos from Yahoo Mail at once with their original file extension. You can also save only images with the same extension by using the search option.

To start archiving Yahoo email account mailboxes, download the software on your system.

Steps to Backup Yahoo Emails to Computer on Windows are;


Step 1. Run Yahoo Backup Wizard and click "Open" then select "Email Accounts".

launch yahoo backup wizard

Step 2. Enter "login credentials" of your Yahoo mail account.

enter credentials

Step 3. Click on "Export" and select "file format" to archive Yahoo emails.

select format to download yahoo mail data

Step 4. Hit on the "Save" button to begin the process.

backup yahoo emails 

Now, the Yahoo email backup software will start downloading Yahoo mail folder to PC.

Steps to Download Backup Yahoo Emails on Mac OS are;


Step 1. First, enter your Yahoo account login details.

launch yahoo mail backup wizard

Step 2. Select desired file format to save Yahoo emails.

choose file format

Step 3. Click on "Start Backup" and the software start downloading Yahoo emails.

start yahoo backup 

That's it.

With Tool4Mail Yahoo Mail Backup Tool you can

This software is specially designed to archive Yahoo mail in multiple saving options. It also maintains folder hierarchy during Yahoo email backup. After download Yahoo mail data, you will receive all of your mailbox data same as original. The software is known for its accuracy, which makes it the best compared to other Yahoo backup tools.

One can choose for the manual method to transfer yahoo emails by copying and paste the emails into word and save the email messages. Another way to perform the backup Yahoo emails to computer is simple but time-consuming. You have to configure the Yahoo account in Outlook.

Free Method to Backup Yahoo Emails to PC Using Outlook are;

Step 1. Login Yahoo Mail and click on “Account info”>> Account Security.

Step 2. Click on “Manage app password”. This should open a pop-up window.

Step 3. Choose “Outlook Desktop" and click the “generate” button. This will generate an app password.

Step 4. Now, Open Outlook >> File >> Add Account.

Step 5. Enter your Yahoo email account and click on the “Connect” button.

Step 6. Enter you're earlier generated app password and click “Connect” >>Done.

Step 7. Open the Desktop client, Click on File >> Open Import & Export Wizard.

Step 8. Choose “Export to a file” from given options and click on “Next” >> Outlook Data File >> Next.

Step 9. Select the folder from the given list and hit “Next”.

Step 10. Browse the desired location to save the exported file. And then click on “Finish”.

Paste the copied file path in the file explorer. You can see the newly exported Yahoo email file in .pst format.


Manual Limitation

  • Time consuming
  • No email filtration
  • Highly configuration require

Key Features of Yahoo Backup Wizard

Support 5+ File Types

Tool4Mail Yahoo Email Backup Tool full version permits you to save email in a variety of saving options. You can easily export Yahoo to CSV, MBOX, HTML, TEXT, Portable document format, etc. This software is a all-in-one solution to download Yahoo emails to computer in multiple file formats.

Migrate to Email Clients

This application allows you to transfer email to many desktop-based clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, WLM, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, and more. You do not need to use different types of Yahoo tools for backup.

Preserve Email Properties

Yahoo Mail Backup Tool free download helps you to transfer emails in your native format to your machine, hard disk, memory card or any other external disk drive etc. This software protects key elements of your data and maintains metadata. This will help you manage your data after download Yahoo mail data.

Transfer Emails to Webmail Client

The software allows you to backup Yahoo emails to any other web-based email accounts. Thus, application transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail account, Yahoo to Hotmail,, Rediff Mail etc., without wasting your time and efforts. This is a complete package of Yahoo email backup in just a few simple steps.

Advance Filter Option

Tool4Mail Yahoo Backup Wizard free download gives user the option to save selected files by applying a "filter" to the transferred files. Users can archive Yahoo emails or other data according to the "date range, from, to, and subject”. By providing filter options, users can save time and download only required data from Yahoo mail account in a very easy way.

Compatible with IMAP Supportive Email Services

With this IMAP Backup Tool, you can easily backup your entire mailbox and other related data to G Suite,, Exchange Server and many more cloud accounts using IMAP settings. There is no change or damage to Yahoo data while importing into any other webmail / cloud application.

Support Unicode Text

While transferring emails from Yahoo to other email service provider. Tool4Mail Yahoo Backup Wizard have ability to preserve Unicode text (non-English content). Hence, user can transfer or migrate their data without data loss.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

Once backup yahoo emails to computer is completed, the resulting file can be viewed in the same folder structure as the Yahoo account. This Yahoo Mail Backup Tool maintains the folder hierarchy during Yahoo email archiving process. This will help you find your email in the desired folder.

Some Other Features That are Quite Impressive are:

  • No additional software is required in order to create backup of Yahoo emails. It only requires email id and password of your account to continue the backup process.
  • Advanced Filters provided by Yahoo Backup Tool free download permits the users to backup only selected files which can save a lot of time and energy.
  • Capable to transfer entire mailbox including all email items like Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Journals, and Attachments, etc.
  • Provides support for archiving multiple Yahoo email folders at the same time. One can accurately backup unlimited emails with zero data loss.
  • Successfully workable on all the latest and below versions of MS Windows OS which includes Win 11, 10, 8, 7, and others.
  • Yahoo mail backup tool is powerful solutioin to save emails from Yahoo to PC, multiple email applicaions and 200 plus webmail services.
  • Automatically load all data of Yahoo mail account after entering the login email id and password.
  • Preview Yahoo emails of all folders like inbox, draft, sent, etc., along with their attached information.
  • Preserves key elements of emails like to, cc, bcc, from, date, time, and more during the Yahoo email backup.

Final Words

Tool4Mail Yahoo Backup Wizard provides you instant solution to backup Yahoo emails to computer. This application permits you to archive Yahoo mail in multiple saving options. It is the safest utility to download Yahoo Mail data to any web-based clients or any local disk drive (hard drive, memory card, flash drive, etc.) without losing any data.

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Yahoo Mail Backup Wizard Reviews
"I am able to use Yahoo email backup tool full version to back up my data on a regular basis to local drive. The interface is easy and the customer service is responsive and efficient. Thanks!”
"I'm a huge fan of this Yahoo Backup Tool. I've tried a few others but this one is the best. It does exactly as advertised and doesn't crash or cause my computer to crash as I've experienced with other ones. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a safe way to backup Yahoo mail."
"There are a lot of backup apps in the market, but Tool4Mail Yahoo backup tool free download is the best. It has all the features I need to stay on top of my emails when I'm on-the-go. The wizard is really easy to navigate when uploading files into my other account."
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I backup Yahoo emails for free?

Tool4Mail Yahoo Mail Backup Tool free download on your Windows system that allows you to download Yahoo emails to PC / local hard drive accurately. The free trial version enables you to backup few emails from Yahoo mail account. For creating backup of unlimited Yahoo emails, you can purchase the tool.

Can I save Yahoo attachments with emails?

Yes, you can download emails and attachments from Yahoo mail account without losing original formatting.

How do I export all my emails from Yahoo?

The Yahoo backup wizard enables you export all Yahoo emails in one attempt. It offers the ability to select all the email folders to export at once.

Does the Yahoo backup tool free download comaptible with Windows OS 11?

Yes, The software works successfully on latest Windows 11 and other below version to backup Yahoo mail.

How can I backup my Yahoo Mail folders to Mozilla Thunderbird?

You can simply download Tool4Mail Yahoo Mail Backup Tool and enter your account login credentials. After choose the mail folder and select Thunderbird from the saving options. This way you can transfer emails from Yahoo to Thunderbird profile directly.

Can I download only specific emails from my Yahoo account?

Yes, the software also has the advanced filtering option that allows you to download only selected or required emails from Yahoo Mail account.

Is this tool allow me to migrate Yahoo Small Business emails to Microsoft 365?

Yes, Yahoo backup tool free download provides the ability to migrate emails from Yahoo Small Business to Office 365 account directly.

Can I backup all Yahoo email folders at once?

Yes, the software allows the users to backup Yahoo emails from all mail folders like inbox, sent, draft etc.

How do I download my Yahoo backup?

Tool4Mail Yahoo email backup tool helps you to create backup and download all emails from Yahoo to multiple file formats, email clients and cloud accounts.