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"A question arises as to why many users are searching for an effective way to extract attachment from Thunderbird? This is because of a sudden crash of the system or protecting the file from a malware attack. We all know that the Thunderbird email client stores all data in the .mbox file format. Now, how can we extract attachment from Thunderbird?"

Download and use the Tool4Mail Thunderbird Attachment Extractor. The utility is specifically designed with the right algorithm that allows you to extract attachment from Thunderbird directly. It provides simple user interface that makes it easy to use by technical or non-technical users. The software automatically restores your mailbox folder to a separate folder without any effort.

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Steps to Extract Attachment from Thunderbird are as follows;

Step 1. Run the software in your system>>tab add files>>select MBOX files from given options>>choose files or folders in the panel.

thunderbird attachment extractor

Step 2. Click on the export button and select extract type "HTML".

extract attachment from thunderbird

Step 3. Now, select desire location and hit the “Export” button.

thunderbird attachment extractor

Finished!! The software will automatically export attachment from Thunderbird.

Key Features of Tool4Mail Thunderbird Attachment Extractor

Filter Option

Tool4Mail Thunderbird Attachment Extractor is capable to export attachment from thunderbird or you can say from .mbox file. Filter choice permits you to search and extract a selected file by using different properties such as name, bcc, cc, date range, time, etc.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

The utility maintains the folder hierarchy during and after extracting attachments from Thunderbird (.mbox). The attachment file remains after processing. It maintains the originality of the file and folder. It can help users to find and access attachments from the desire location.


Thunderbird Attachment Extractor is capable to run in all edition of Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, etc.). It is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit of windows operating system.

Backup Thunderbird Emails

The software Thunderbird Attachment Extractor helps you to backup Thunderbird emails to external hard drive without any lagging or any corruption. You can backup unlimited emails with no size limit of the file. Means you can backup file without any size restriction.

Free Version

The software provides you free trial version to extract attachment from Thunderbird directly. It allows you to extract 25 emails from each folder. Free version of software helps you to judge the functionality of the software before buying license version.

Final Words

Tool4Mail Thunderbird Attachment Extractor is one of the perfect solutions to export attachment from Thunderbird directly. It comes with several key features that makes it easy to extract attachments. I personally suggest you to use this software. It comes with user friendly interface. Easy to operate by every kind of users.

Free Download 100% Secure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any file size limitation during extracting attachment from Thunderbird?

No, there is no file size limitation. The utility offers unlimited file size during extraction.

Is this software require any third application to perform the task?

The software Tool4Mail Thunderbird Attachment Extractor does not need any third application to perform the task.

Can I run this application on any version of Windows?

Yes, you can run this tool in all version of Windows including latest version of Windows 10.