SquirrelMail Backup Wizard to Export All Emails from Webmail Acocunt


Want to know the quick steps to create a SquirrelMail backup? Then you will find the most satisfactory solution here. In this blog, we will discuss about the recommended email backup tool to download all emails from SquirrelMail. Continue reading.

SquirrelMail is a webmail client that allows remote access for sending and receiving email messages over the Internet. It includes all the features users expect from their email service, including calendars, contacts, attachments, and folder.

In addition, SquirrelMail is a highly customizable webmail service. It allows system administrators to install, create, and share "plugins" on SquirrelMail servers.

Reasons for Creating SquirrelMail Email Backup to Computer

The last update to SquirrelMail was on May 30, 2013. However, webmail users want a better experience rather than an insecure and unmanaged program. Therefore, cPanel chose to remove SquirrelMail. That's why users want to backup SquirrelMail emails to computer to protect their mailbox data.

Here are the some benefits to download all emails from SquirrelMail to PC:

  • Users can access their SquirrelMail email data locally at any time.
  • Protect important mailbox data from hackers and damage.
  • Once users have a backup, they can transfer emails to other webmail services.
  • Can easily print emails along with attachments as evidence.

Now, let’s move to the solution.

Best SquirrelMail Backup Wizard Recommended by Experts

If you want to backup SquirrelMail emails to local drive, you must go with Tool4Mail SquirrelMail Cloud Backup Tool. This promises its users to provide 100% accurate and satisfied solution. User can create backup of SquirrelMail webmail account according to their requirements.

The software offers multiple benefits such as email filtering, preview mailboxes, download multiple emails, support large sized emails, and so more. One can quickly save emails from webmail to hard drive including attachments. It permits users to export emails from SquirrelMail to server types of email format.

Apart from that, it provides freedom to download all emails from SquirrelMail to computer without showing any error message. With this, user can migrate emails from one webmail account to other services by their login credentials only.

This is the perfect and safe SquirrelMail Backup Wizard of 2022 that helps you to archive emails from SquirrelMail account. It is easy to install on all Windows versions which includes Win 11, 10, 8, 7, and more.

Quick Steps to Backup SquirrelMail Emails are as follows;

Step 1. Run the tool and click Email Accounts >> add account.

squirrelmail backup wizard   

Step 2. Next, enter login details of SquirrelMail account.

type credentials   

Step 3. Now, preview mailboxes with their attachments.

preview mailboxes   

Step 4. Choose the file format as needed and click on Save.

select format to backup squirrelmail emails   

That’s it. You only need to perform 4 simple steps to download all emails from SquirrelMail to computer or other services.

Saving Platforms Provided by SquirrelMail Backup Wizard

This software provides support to export SquirrelMail emails to multiple formats and webmail services.

  • Multiple Email Formats: You can export emails from SquirrelMail to PST for Outlook, SquirrelMail to MBOX for Thunderbird, Apple Mail, SquirrelMail to PDF for printing. SquirrelMail to HTML for opening emails in browser, SquirrelMail to EML as single email message, and other file formats.
  • Several Email Services: User can transfer emails from SquirrelMail to Gmail, SquirrelMail to Office 365, SquirrelMail to Rediffmail, SquirrelMail to Horde Mail, SquirrelMail to Exchange Online, SquirrelMail to Zoho Mail, SquirrelMail to Yahoo, SquirrelMail to IMAP, SquirrelMail to GMX Mail, SquirrelMail to Amazon WorkMail, SquirrelMail to IceWarp cloud, SquirrelMail to Kerio connect webmail, SquirrelMail to MDaemon webmail, SquirrelMail to Zimbra Mail, SquirrelMail to CommuniGate webmail, and many more.

Advanced Features of SquirrelMail Email Backup Software

Maintains Folder Hierarchy

SquirrelMail Backup Wizard keep intact all data and gives you fully accurate results. It maintains the hierarchy of folder after creating backup SquirrelMail emails to computer. After complete the process, you can easily access the emails without any trouble.

Easy Interface With Full Safety

The SquirrelMail webmail backup software offers a simple and friendly interface. It enables any type of users to easily download all emails from SquirrelMail without taking help of any expert. Moreover, it is fully secure platform that does not save information of your account during the backup procedure.

Export Emails and Attachments

With this SquirrelMail backup wizard, it is possible to save SquirrelMail emails with their attachments. Regardless of the type and size of your attachments, the tool exports them with emails.

Create Selective Backup

The software provided freedom to download only selective emails and save time and space. For this, it has Search facility that enables you to find emails by a specific keyword. The software allows you to search your email by its date, time, subject, etc. Even you can search within attachments tool with this amazing application.

Save Backup Locally

SquirrelMail cloud backup software also has option to save the mailbox to the desired location on the computer. User can also create a new folder for saving the backup. The benefit of this option is that user can quickly access their emails on the system after creating backup.

Closing Words

In order to backup SquirrelMail emails to computer, it is recommended to go with a reliable, safe and fast tool. Hence, Tool4Mail SquirrelMail backup wizard is introduced here to accomplish the email archiving task. This will allow you to download all emails from SquirrelMail in a short time.

So, hurry download the SquirrelMail webmail backup tool on any Windows OS version and enjoy its amazing features.

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