Hyper-V Recovery Wizard to Repair Corrupt VHD File

Tool4Mail Hyper-V Recovery Wizard is efficiently designed to recover damaged, corrupt, and deleted Hyper-V (.vhd and .vhdx) files with ease. For making the tool an accomplished Hyper-V recovery, this utility is engineered with a powerful backend that is composed of prominent features, unfailing algorithms, and user-friendly interface to recover VHD file. The software helps you to resolve all types of VHD file errors without harming the metadata of files. this application VHD file recovery tool supports both FAT and NTFS file system to recover data from Hyper-V files.

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Steps to Recover Deleted and Corrupt VHD file are as follows;

Step 1. Run the software VHD recovery tool in your system and select the language that you want.

hyper-v recovery wizard

Step 2. Click on open, browse the damaged VHD or VHDX file, and hit on the Scan button.

vhd recovery tool

Step 3. Select your desire destination path and click on the Save button to start the VHD recovery process.

vhd recovery


Useful Key Features of Hyper-V Recovery Wizard

Quick and Advance Scan Option

Tool4Mail Hyper-V Recovery Wizard enables the option quick scan and advance scan for their users. Now, you can get rid of minor corruption of Hyper-V file with the help of quick scan mode. The advance scan option is to deal with major corruption and errors of Hyper-V file.

Complete Recovery of Deleted VHD File

Tool4Mail Hyper-V Recovery Wizard for Windows helps you to repair VHD file along with all data (images, videos, archives, etc.). VHD recovery tool offers advanced search options thus recovering the data from an empty recycle bin, folder and from empty hard disk.

Recover Formatted VHDX File

If the .vhdx partition formatted and files lost then download the VHD recovery tool and install it on any version of Windows OS. The tool is capable enough to restore files from formatted VHDX & VHD partitions. The Tool also supports cross-format .vhdx recovery. It does not matter that the .vhdx is formatted in NTFS or FAT file system.


Tool4Mail Hyper-V Recovery Tool successfully repairs and recover Hyper-V file from both Fat-32 and NTFS version. You can easily install and launch the utility VHD recovery software in all versions of the Windows operating system including Windows 10. Try it for better and optimal results.

Free Version

You can now easily download the software with a free version. In the free trial version, you can recover the limited size of the file with all enable features of the license version. It also helps you to understand the procedure of the recovery VHD file.

Final Words

In last, I would suggest you go with the software Tool4Mail Hyper-V Recovery Wizard. Users can recover both types of VHD files (Dynamic and Static). Moreover, the tool does not need any third-party application installation to recover data from VHD files. It performs complete recovery of VHD and VHDX files without leaving a single property of files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this software VHD recovery tool recovering data from the Hyper-V VHDX file as well?

Yes, Hyper-V recovery tool supports both the file formats (VHD and VHDX) and recover lost data files with the help of this application.

Does this software is compatible to recover Dynamic Hyper-V file?

Yes, this tool can easily recover the data from the Dynamic Hyper-V file.

Is there an option to recover deleted files from VHD in bulk?

No, the software will only let you add one VHD or VHDX file at a time. And you can perform recovery of Virtual Hard Disk files one by one only.

How do I extract a VHD file in Windows 10?

You can extract a VHD file in Windows 10 with the help of the VHD Recovery Tool. This tool is compatible with all versions of Windows.