Mac OLM to PST Converter - Ultimate Solution [Updated 2021]

Use Tool4Mail best OLM to PST Converter for Windows to avoid Large file conversions error, time-consumption, and many more issues. Since convert OLM to PST manually is not suitable for corrupted files and risk of data loss. This advanced application makes this task quick and easy without losing your personal data.

The software can easily convert OLM file to PST in batch. It offers users to filter the data based on various criteria like date, to, from, subject, etc. In addition, it permits you to freely convert up to 25 emails from each folder.

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Steps to Convert OLM file to PST for Windows are as follows;

Step 1. Run the tool and click Open >> Email Data Files >> Outlook for Mac OLM File.

olm to pst converter free

Step 2. Choose PST as file saving option from the list.

convert olm to pst

Step 3. Click on the “Convert” button to start the process.

convert olm file to pst

Done! this is how you can transfer Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook without any issue.

Important Key Features of Mac OLM to PST Converter Full Version

Complete and Accurate Migration

This is a time-saving feature of best OLM to PST Converter for Windows that speeds up your migration. If you have multiple OLM files to migrate, you don't have to worry about the conversion process. You can convert and save as many files as you need. The conversion quality remains the same no matter how many OLM files you choose to migrate.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

OLM Converter free download for Windows maintains the hierarchy of the folder during the conversion of the file. The software helps you to maintain the hierarchy of folders without disturbing the structure of the email content from the exported file.

Support all Windows Version

The software supports all versions of Mac Outlook including the latest version of Mac Outlook 16. It also works with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc. The application is easily workable in 32-bit as well as 64-bit systems.

Preserve Key Elements

When processing email conversion from Mac OLM file into PST, the software makes sure to preserve key elements as well as the metadata (bcc, cc, date, time, attachments, etc.) of the email. This ensures that no data will be lost during the conversion process. The tool preserves the original formatting of the OLM file even after conversion.

Convert Large Mac Outlook Data File to PST

Tool4Mail Mac OLM to PST Converter full version allow users to convert .olm to .pst file format in large amount without any mess or you can say without any misplacment of data. You can convert multiple OLM files to any file formats without any file size restriction. So, try it for better result.

Auto Search Feature

In case, if the user does not have an idea about the location of the OLM file, the OLM to PST converter for Windows software provides a way to use a scan feature to automatically find the location of the file. All files stored in the system directory are displayed. This way you can easily search the OLM files withou wasting your time.

Preview Before Conversion

The tool instantly generate the preview of the files as soon as they get uploaded in the software panel. User can have the detailed preview of the files in different modes along with all email items and attachments. You just have to click on the particular file to view its content.

Free OLM to PST Converter Wizard

The converter is available in a free trial offer. You can install the app without paying any money to check the effectiveness of the tool. This is a free trial version that lets you learn how the tool works while converting OLM file to PST. After the trial is complete, you cab request a license key if needed.

Mac Outlook Installation Not Required

There are multiple users who have .olm files but do not have Mac Outlook installed in their system. No worries! This Converter is a standalone software that does not require Outlook and internet connection. It comes with simple interface that helps both technical and non-technical users to understand the process of conversion.

Final Words

Till now, we had discussed the best OLM to PST Converter for Windows. I personally found Tool4Mail Mac OLM Converter full version is the great choice for you. Try the software it helps you to convert OLM file to PST for Windows Outlook. In addition, the software offers a free trial version for users. A free version of the software permits you to convert 25 emails to understand the functionality of the software.

Free Download 100% Secure Buy Now30-Days Money Back

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Frequently Asked Questions
How to convert from OLM to PST without Outlook?

Follow the Steps to Export OLM file to PST format.

Step 1. Run Mac OLM to PST converter.

Step 2. Click Open >> Email Data Files >> Outlook for Mac OLM Files.

Step 3. Choose PST as a saving option.

Step 4. Click Save button to export OLM to Outlook PST file.

Is it possible to convert 2.5 GB of OLM file into PST?

Yes, the software is powerful enough to convert large Mac Outlook Data file.

Will the software preserve mailbox folder hierarchy?

Yes,the tool will maintain mailbox folder hierarchy.

Can I export multiple OLM file(s) to PST?

Yes,you can export bulk of OLM files to PST at once without facing any glitch.