OLM to ICS Converter - Extract Calendar from OLM


Several Users of Mac Outlook search for the best OLM to ICS converter tool. OLM is not the universal format, so the user cannot access the OLM file calendars at another Operating System (Mac). To access the OLM calendar, you need to convert OLM files into ICS format. Download and Install Tool4Mail OLM to ICS converter which is one of the most advanced software that exports Outtlook for Mac file to ICS format without any file size limitation.

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Reasons to Convert OLM to ICS File

ICS is the file extension for iCalendars, which allows users to store and maintain their meetings, schedules, events, and other calendar items in Outlook and other email clients. The calendar facility permits arrange business planning and collaboration with other people, creating reminders for important events, meetings. There are several reasons for switching Outlook for Mac OLM calendar to ICS format varies according to user requirements and needs.

1. Extract calendar data from OLM and transfer it to other applications.

2. After the conversion of Outlook for Mac OLM to iCal, the user can easily share or send events, meeting request related details to another user. Most of the email services support ICS format.

3. After the conversion of Mac OLM to iCal. Users can import iCal files into different email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Office 365, etc.

Quick Way to Extract Calendar Data from OLM File to ICS

A large number of users are looking for ways to convert OLM to iCal format. As we all know that ICS is the universal file format for calendars. I recommend you to install Tool4Mail OLM to ICS Converter Software to convert OLM Calendar file to ICS format without taking time. There is no size limitation for converting file, this utility made it possible for users to access their calendar entry (event, occasion, birthday, etc.) in Mac Operating System. You can import iCalendar file on multiple clients (Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365. Thunderbird, EM Client, etc.), it supports all version of Mac OS. This application doesn’t need any technical, knowledge to execute the migration process.

Steps to convert OLM file to ICS on Windows 11 are;

    Step 1. Run OLM to ICS Converter and click Open >> Email Data Files >> Outlook for Mac OLM files.

    olm to ics

    Step 2.Preview and select ICS file format from Export option.

    convert olm to ics

    Step 3. Click on Save button to export OLM to ICS file.

    olm to ics converter

Now Relax!! The software will automatically export your selected OLM file to ICS format.

Below are the key features of this tool which make it unique from other tools

  • Convert Large OLM file into ICS format
  • Maintain Folder and Sub Folder Hierarchy
  • Preserve Key Elements and Meta Data
  • Convert calendar.olm to calendar.ics file
  • Batch convert OLM to iCal
  • User friendly interface for non-technical users
  • Support OLM file generated by all version of Outlook for Mac
Final Words

As for any non-technical person using Outlook on the Mac machine is somehow complicated application thus, it requires a lot of technical knowledge. Managing calendar entries in OLM (.olm) format is not an easy task. Converting OLM to iCal format is the most reliable idea. I personally suggest you install one of the best Tool4mail OLM to ICS converter Software for converting Outlook for Mac Calendar to ICS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why to choose Tool4Mail OLM to ICS Converter?

"Without any drawbacks or restrictions, I had easily use Tool4Mail OLM to iCal converter. This software helped me to convert and export OLM Calendar to iCal." - Ramo, Brazil

"I had an oversized OLM file with several amounts of contacts to that I wished to convert into ICS format. I spent hours checking out the answer to convert Outlook for Mac OLM Calendar to iCalendar . Eventually, I got Tool4Mail OLM to ICS converter that easily converts OLM files into ICS format." - Chris, USA

How I migrate OLM file to ICS format?

Download and install Tool4Mail OLM to ICS Conversion tool in your system. This tool will help you to export Outlook for Mac Calendar into ICS file format. Steps to open OLM in Windows 2019 are as follows:

  • Step 1. Install and run Tool4Mail OLM to ICS converter in your system.
  • Step 2. Click open >> Email data Files >> Outloo for Mac OLM Files.
  • Step 3. Lick Ezport and Select the ICS format from the given options.
  • Step 4. Now, choose output target location and hit the Save button.

After the successful file conversion, open Outlook 2020 in your system. Navigate to File>>Open/Export>>Import Outlook Data file (.ics) to import ICS file in Outlook 2020.

Does Outlook for Mac to ICS converter offer any size limitation?

No, the user can convert OLM file to ICS format without any size limitation.

Is there any size limitation on a free version of this OLM to ICS converter?

Yes, you can convert OLM file to ICS file for free upto 25 items from each folder. For unlimited conversion of ICS file, you have to purchase the full version of software.

Is it possible to convert multiple Mac ICS files in one attempt?

Yes, the software will convert multiple Mac OLM files in single attempt and preserve and hold attachments files. Hence no data loss will occur during the conversion process.

Does this software supports batch conversion?

Tool4Mail OLM to ICS converter software supports batch conversion. You will convert multiple files in an exceedingly single try.