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If you require to backup office 365 emails into multiple file formats, then this wizard is the best choice for you.

“Backup is a copy of data that can be recovered in case the original emails are destroyed or deleted. Backup solutions secure emails by copying it to storage. The most important thing you have to know about Office 365 mailboxes is that there is no native option to back them up. There are mechanisms that you can use to archive data and to recover it in case it is lost. However, emails are changed, deleted, or corrupted, having their copies gives an opportunity to restore lost emails. So why is backup often neglected? It is because organizations and companies do not realize what the risks are. And the thing about email backup is that you usually do not appreciate them unless you need them.”

On this page, I am totally discussing a manual and alternate solutions for Office 365 emails to pc.

One of the ways to back up Office 365 mailboxes is to export them to PST files. Mind that although it might look like the cheapest way to back up emails and other Office 365 items to local storage.

Steps to backup Office 365 emails – Free Method

Step 1. Install and run Outlook 2016 on your system.

Step 2. Sign in with using Office 365 credentials.

Step 3. Select file option from left corner of the application.

Step 4. Select Open & Export button from given options. This should open pop up window.

Step 5. Click Import/Export option in pop-up window.

Step 6. Choose an action to perform from given options.

Step 7. Select Export to a file and Click on the “Next” button.

Step 8. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on the “Next” button.

Step 9. Select the folder to export from and choose a location and save exported file as, and click on the “Finish” button.

After discussing the manual solution, the user should consider the limitations aspect for the manual method too.


  • Time consuming
  • No email filtration
  • Highly configuration require

Office 365 Backup Wizard - Simple & Effected

There is a demand for backup for Office 365 emails. Companies and small businesses alike need the functionality, which is not provided by Office 365 native tools. Tool4Mail Office 365 Backup Wizard is the solution for it. This software permits you to download Office 365 emails backup to the computer in PST, EML, etc. In addition, it also allows you to migrate Office 365 emails from cloud to cloud email server.

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Steps to backup Office 365 emails to pc

Step 1. Install Office 365 Backup Wizard. Click Open >> Email Accounts >> Add Account.

best office 365 backup tool

Step 2. Enter Office 365 user ID and Password to sign in.

office 365 backup wizard

Step 3. Choose your desire format by clikcing Export.

Office 365 backup wizard

Step 4.Browse the destination path and click Save button.

best Office 365 backup wizard

Done!! Now, the downloading process will take place and save the mailbox folder to pc.

This tool is Specially developed for downloading Office 365 emails to pc without any error with multiple saving options and free to save files in the desired location.

Key features of Office 365 Backup Wizard

Backup Office 365 Calendar and Contacts

Office 365 Backup Wizard provides you the option to download emails with attachments (calendars and contacts) from Outlook account. Even the calendars have all the associated details kept saved in an accurate manner.

File Naming Option

While downloading the Office 365 emails on your system, the tool offers a file naming option. Proper file naming option lets you manage and identify the emails precisely after saving Office 365 email into multiple file formats. The software allows multiple file naming conventions on the foundation of Subject, Date, and Time. With this option, you can differentiate one email from another.

Batch Conversion

With this utility, Office 365 Backup Too can download the data from the shared mailbox(es) to an on-premise location in PST or EML type. The best thing is the Email Backup Wizard can save an offline copy of multiple shared mailbox data in one shot and saves time & effort too.

Advance Option

Office 365 Backup Software offers multiple robust features while archiving Office 365 mailbox data.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy: This option is used to keep the folder structure of data while downloading it in PST format.

Date Range: To archive the data of a particular time period on a local drive in the preferred file format.

Download on Virtual or Physical Drive

One can install the Office 365 Backup Tool on a Physical or virtual Windows-based system. Installing this software on a Virtual Machine hosted in the cloud assist users to backup Office 365 mailbox online and permits to manage the backup process from any system. Installing the Office 365 Backup Tool on the Operating System help users to keep the backup copy on the hard drive. Users can select any option that is secure and accessible to them.

Free Trial Version

Office 365 Backup Wizard provides a free trial version to its users to check the interface of the software and its working before investing in the tool. You can freely examine the features of the tool with trial version of the software.


Activity, report window is very much beneficial for gathering information about on-going Office 365 backup process. It will be available for email backup as well as restore process. Users will see the information about Mails, Calendars, Contacts and so on. So, they can analyze how much data get downloaded and how much is left.

Final Words

Instead of spending countless hours searching for a misplaced file or attempting to recreate a deleted document, why not just restore the data with a simple and effected Tool4Mail Office 365 Backup Wizard and get back to work in a matter of clicks? Instead of managing and configuring several settings for deleted items, recoverable items, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any file size limitation while downloading Office 365 emails to local drive?

No, you can download Office 365 emails without any file size limitation

How can I backup Office 365 emails by using Tool4Mail Office 365 Backup Wizard?

Install and run Tool4Mail Office 365 Backup Tool in your system. This tool will help you to save Office 365 emails in web based clients and in your local drive. Steps to Download Office 365 emails in Windows 2019 are as follows:

  • Step 1. Install and run Office 365 Backup Wizard.
  • Step 2. Select folders from given options.
  • Step 3. Choose saving option from multiple file format.
  • Step 4. Click on the “Convert” button.
Is there any free trial version available for testing the interface?

Yes, you can download Office 365 email backup Wizard from our website Tool4Mail for testing the interface

Is it possible to download multiple mailboxes from Office 365 to my desktop?

Office 365 Backup Wizard is programmed to support saving single as well as multiple Office 365 emails.