Kerio Connect Backup Wizard - Download Emails from Webmail and Server


Do you want to backup Kerio emails? Are you looking for the best way to create Kerio connect backup? Then you will get quick answer of how to take backup of Kerio webmail account and mail server.

Kerio is one of the popular technology companies focused on providing collaboration software providers to small and medium-sized organizations. Kerio Connect is ideal for organizations dealing with IT in an easier way.

It includes business-grade email, text messaging, shared scheduling, and contact management with most internet browsers, mobile phones, and email applications. Overall, Kerio Connect offers secure and seamless email messaging in an affordable package.

The Kerio service stores email messages on the server, so there is no risk of exceeding the maximum file size. However, if you still have a lot of messages, you may run into problems.

To archive and download multiple emails from Kerio connect webmail and email server, Kerio Backup Wizard is the perfect solution.

It allows you to archive Kerio emails on computer in multiple file format, email clients, and email services. The software does not have any restrictions regarding file size for taking Kerio mail server backup.

Know Everything About Best Kerio Connect Backup Wizard

Tool4Mail offers the best email backup tool in order to backup Kerio connect webmail emails and Kerio email server. The Kerio mail backup wizard is easy to use and any novice can easily download Kerio connect emails. You can backup emails into the desired file format or email accounts.

With this Kerio backup wizard, you can archive multiple Kerio connect emails from webmail and server within a minutes. You can download and install it on all versions of Microsoft Windows OS.

Below, we will share the steps of how to backup emails from Kerio connect webmail and how to export emails from Kerio mail server.

Steps to Backup Kerio Mailbox to Computer or Email Services are;

Step 1. Go to Open and click on Email Accounts.

kerio connect backup wizard   

Step 2. Type your Kerio connect webmail account credentials.

type login details   

Step 3. Choose folder from which you want to backup emails and click Export.

choose folder for kerio backup   

Step 4. Now, select the format according to the needs.

select saving option   

Step 5. Hit on the Save button to backup emails from Kerio connect webmail.

backup kerio connect emails   

Done! This is how it is easy to download Kerio emails from webmail account along with all attachments using Kerio Mail backup wizard.

How to Backup Emails from Kerio Mail Server?

Step 1. Start the Kerio mail server backup and click Email Server >> Kerio Files.

kerio mail server backup wizard   

Step 2. Preview emails and apply filters by clicking on Search icon.

preview files   

Step 3. Next, click Export and select the desired file format.

select file format   

Step 4. Select the destination path and press the Save button.

kerio connect backup   

That's it. In just a few minutes, you will get the completion messages of the successful Kerio Connect backup task.

Features Provided by Tool4Mail Kerio Backup Wizard

Backup Kerio Connect Emails

The Kerio mail backup wizard has option to backup emails from Kerio connect webmail to the PC. It provides facility to save Kerio mailbox to PDF, PST, MBOX, EML, and many other file formats. In addition, you can export Kerio emails to Thunderbird application directly.

Download Emails from Kerio Mail Server

Tool4Mail Kerio Mail Server Backup wizard is easy to use utility that enables it users to backup emails from Kerio mail server. You do not need to install any external software to take Kerio email backup. The software is completely self-contained and able to handle this task on its own.

Maintain Formatting and Folder Hierarchy

Every user wants to backup Kerio emails in their original format with their key elements. The Kerio connect backup software is able to keep elements of emails during the backup process. Apart from that, it keeps the folder structure after the backup so the users can easily access their emails.

Windows Supportive

Kerio backup wizard is successfully operable on all Microsoft Windows Operating System. User can smoothly install it on latest Windows 11, 10, 8, etc. Moreover, it provides option to choose the desired location on the system to save the Kerio mailboxes.

Multiple Saving Options

The Kerio mail backup wizard is all-in-one solution to backup Kerio mailbox. It offers several file saving options to save emails from Kerio webmail and Kerio mail server. Users can download Kerio emails to multiple cloud accounts like Kerio to Gmail, Kerio to Office 365, Yahoo, Zoho, Hotmail, Axigen, Zimbra Mail, AOL, and many more.

Last Words

Here, the queries how to backup Kerio connect webmail emails and how to create backup of Kerio mail server are solved. For this, we recommended Tool4Mail Kerio connect backup wizard that helps you to archive emails from Kerio webmail and Server in multiple formats or email services. User can download the Kerio mail server backup tool for free to check how it works.

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