Google Workspace Backup Solutions for Windows Users

In today’s blog you know all about Google Workspace backup solutions. Here we are going to introduce the best and effective method to backup Google Workspace emails to hard drive or computer.

Before we go any further, let's take a quick look at Google Workspace and why backing up is useful.

Google Workspace is an office suite which allow users to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and communicate with each other.

We think cloud services are safe, but you're wrong, hackers are smarter now. Once your account has been hacked, hackers can do anything in your account, such as: B. delete important data, change the password of your ID and much more.

To avoid losing important data, a regular backup is the number one solution. You can easily access your data on your system or other platform once you have made a backup.

But how to create Google Workspace email backup this is the big challenge now. Google does not provide any option to export data from google workspace.

What is the solution now?

One-Stop Solution to Backup Google Workspace Emails

Tool4Mail Google Workspace backup email wizard is the reliable, fast and effective choice for creating backup of emails. The software let you save and download all emails from Google Workspace to hard drive or computer. It offers multiple file types and email service providers to save emails with all attached information.

You can download the tool on any of your Windows Operating System version including Windows 11. After download, you can install and run the tool, afterwards follow the below listed instructions for Google Workspace Email Backup Tool.

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Steps for Google Workspace Backup Email are as follows;

Step 1. Run backup tool and go to Open >> Email Accounts >> Add Account.

add account

Step 2. Enter login details of Google Workspace to backup.

enter credentials

Step 3. Hit Export from top and pick desire saving option.

select desire saving format

Step 4. Click on Save button to backup Google Workspace emails.

google workspace backup solutions

The backup process starts automatically. Once it's done, the successful completion messages will appear on the screen. You can now access your Workspace email on your system or any other email provider.

Advanced Features of Google Workspace Backup Solutions

  • Support Different Email Types and Email Clients: Google Workspace email backup wizard offers different file formats for downloading emails in PST, MBOX, PDF, EML, etc. Also, you can export Google Workspace emails in Outlook, Windows Live, Thunderbird and other email clients.
  • Support for Multiple Cloud Services: With this Google Workspace Backup email solution, you can import emails directly into Office 365, Yahoo, Hotmail and all other popular IMAP-supported email providers.
  • Save all or Selected Emails: Each user's needs are different. Some of them want to backup all of Workspace's emails and some of them just want to backup certain emails. The software offers both users the option of backing up and downloading all or selected emails from Workspace.
  • No External Application Required: Google Workspace email backup tool doesn't depend on any other application. You can easily backup Google Workspace emails without installing any utility on your system.
  • Safe & Windows Support: The software is completely safe and always offers a 100% accurate solution to its users. In addition, it can be easily installed on the latest Windows 11, 10, and other earlier editions.


Here we have provided the Google Workspace backup solutions, with which you can save mails to hard drive, email clients, cloud services and email servers. You can safely download the suggested tool and backup Google Workspace emails without any restrictions.

Free Download 100% Secure Buy Now30-Days Money Back