GoDaddy Email Backup Tool for Windows

Do you wondering how to download GoDaddy emails to computer or hard drives? Is it so, then here we will provide the most efficient solution to backup GoDaddy webmail account and save GoDaddy emails to 80+ desired saving options.

Download the GoDaddy Email Backup tool to backup emails from GoDaddy to multiple file formats. It easily extracts GoDaddy webmail account emails to local PC, computers, hard drives, or any external storage device. It is a direct, simple, and the most reliable solution to archive GoDaddy emails without any hassle. To take the backup of the GoDaddy email account instantly, try out Tool4Mail GoDaddy Backup wizard. It is the recommended solution for users to export GoDaddy emails to webmail or multiple file-formats to access it in the desired desktop-based email application. The tool rapidly scans GoDaddy cPanel emails and enables users to download GoDaddy emails to local PC.

It is an all-in-one solution for users to download GoDaddy backup tool to webmail accounts directly. The GoDaddy email backup tool is a completely independent tool that allows you to take backup GoDaddy emails. It gives an option to select and export single or multiple GoDaddy email folders at once.

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Steps to Backup GoDaddy Emails to Desktop are as follows;

Step 1. Launch Tool4Mail GoDaddy Backup Wizard in your system>>select email source from given options>>enter your email account credentials.

godaddy backup tool

Step 2. Select your desire mailbox folder for taking backup>>select saving option and destination path.

godaddy backup wizard

Step 3. Now, click on the “Backup” button.

backup godaddy emails

Done! After completing the process to backup GoDaddy emails you can find files in your desire destination path.

Advanced Key Features of Tool4Mail GoDaddy Backup Wizard

Available IMAP Option

Tool4Mail GoDaddy Backup Wizard comes up with an IMAP option that is one of the main features in the list that was not available with any other application. It provides you an option to backup GoDaddy emails to the desired email service provider. By applying the IMAP setting you can transfer emails to all the email server clients (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc.).

File Naming Option

File Naming Option in GoDaddy Backup Tool has been designed to help you to backup GoDaddy emails to a particular file format. If supports various file naming conventions like Date + Subject + Time, Subject + Date + Time, Date + Subject, etc. You can easily download GoDaddy webmail backup to various file formats or to any storage device.

Multiple File Format

Tool4Mail GoDaddy Backup Tool allows you to backup GoDaddy emails to different file formats in batch along with the attachment. The utility gives you permission to convert Backup Emails to HTML, EML, TXT, MBOX, etc. or you can directly import backup emails to Gmail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc.


Download GoDaddy webmail backup and run the software in all edition of Windows operating system including Windows 10. You do not face any trouble while conversion or migration of files in any version of Windows. Try it! The tool is 100% secure and effective.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

As the backup GoDaddy emails are completed, the resulting file can be viewed in the same folder structure or in the original structure as the GoDaddy account. Tool4Mail GoDaddy Backup tool maintains the folder hierarchy during download GoDaddy webmail backup or migration of emails. This will help you to find your file in the desire location.

Final Words

Till the end, we have provided an ultimate solution to download GoDaddy emails backup to hard drive or any webmail backup. The tool easily takes GoDaddy webmail backup and is also available as FREE Demo. This Email Backup Wizard allows you to backup 25 items from each folder. So, use the utility GoDaddy Backup Wizard and import files to various email service providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Godaddy Backup with free version of the tool?

Yes, you can use the free version of the Tool4Mail godaddy Email Backup software to backup emails from GoDaddy to various file formats. It offers 25 emails from each folder.

How do I save emails from GoDaddy account to my computer?

You can save emails from GoDaddy account to your computer by using Tool4Mail GoDaddy Backup Wizard. It comes with user-friendly interface.

Is there any file size restriction during email backup from GoDaddy Account?

No, there is no file size restriction during email backup process.

Can I use GoDaddy backup Wizard on Windows 10?

The tool supports all version of Windows Operating system including Windows 10. You run the utility in any version of Windows.