GMX Mail Backup Wizard - Download GMX Emails to File Formats & Web Accounts


Imagine your server crashing or your email account being hacked. Then what is your next step? There is no solution to recover your account or data. Yes, it is true. You cannot access your email account. Now what is the solution to this situation?

The only solution to access your data is a Backup. Having a backup of your emails will keep you safe from these unplanned situations. You can then access your mailbox data at any time.

There are many GMX webmail users outthere who want to backup GMX emails to computer or USB. But they are still confused about the method for creating GMX email backup. To clear the confusion, we introduces the best and safe email backup wizard.

GMX Mail is a free email service provided by GMX. Users can access incoming GMX mail using webmail or the POP3 or IMAP4 protocol. It also offers mail collector, address book, organizer, and file storage facility. It is available in four languages: German, English, French and Spanish.

Best GMX Mail Backup Wizard for Email Archiving

Tool4Mail GMX backup wizard is one of the best tool to create backup of GMX email account. It enables you to download GMX emails to computer in several file types. Also, you can export emails from GMX Mail to the multiple cloud accounts and desktop email clients.

It make it possible for you to archive multiple emails from the account in just one click. Besides this, you can easily backup GMX emails on any version of Windows Operating System. The software can be installed on latest Windows 11, 10, 8, etc.

The GMX Webmail backup software is the perfect place for those users who want to take backup of specific emails. It offers the search facility that enables users to find and export only selected emails. In addition, it permits you to download large size mailboxes without showing any limitation bar and losing any information.

The best part of this utility is that it has multiple saving option and user can choose any according to their needs. One important thing your should remember that enter the correct credentials of your account for smooth and quick GMX cloud backup.

To start the procedure, just download the GMX email backup software and install it into your PC.

Steps to Backup GMX Emails to Computer or Web Client are as follows;

Follow the below steps to download IceWarp emails to computer or multiple email services.

Step 1. Start GMX mail backup wizard and go to the Open tab.

gmx mail backup wizard

Step 2. Click Email Accounts and then select add account option.

add account

Step 3. After you need to enter credentials of GMX mail account.

enter login info

Step 4. Click on Export option and choose the desired saving format.

select format

Step 5. Now press the Save button to finalize the GMX webmail backup.

backup gmx emails

The process will start automatically now. Once it is finished, it shows a completion messages on the screen.

What Unique Features Does the Tool4Mail GMX Backup Wizard Offer?

The GMX cloud backup software is all-in-one backup solution that comes with various features to complete this task. Some of the important features are mentioned below:

Backup GMX Emails to Hard Drive

The application is the best solution that designed to download GMX emails to PC securely. It provides freedom to save emails from GMX to various file formats such as PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, HTML, and more. Once you enter the login details of your account and choose the file format, the backup process will automatically start.

Transfer Emails from GMX to Other Services

GMX Mail backup wizard allows you to transfer all emails from one email account to another. This advanced utility helps the users to import emails from GMX to Gmail, G Suite, Microsoft 365, Hotmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Exchange Online, Amazon WorkMail and many more services.

Take Selective Folder Backup

It is not necessary to download emails from all folder always, user need to create backup of selective folder also. GMX email backup software makes it possible for you and allows you to select the required folder from which you want to transfer emails. After loading the data, the software will display all mailboxes. You can select any desired folder to backup GMX emails.

Migrate GMX to Desktop Email Clients

GMX backup wizard allows you to directly export GMX emails to Thunderbird profile. Along with this, it allows you to transfer emails from GMX to other multipl email clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail, WLM, etc.

Great Speed with Friendly Interface

GMX Mail Backup wizard has incredible speed, loved by several users. It allows you to download multiple GMX emails on computer in just a few seconds. Due to its amazing speed, users can create backup of GMX mailboxes within a short period of time. There are no file size limitations and you will never lose your individual data during the whole email archiving process.

Final Thoughts

Creating backups is the most important task for users to protect and access data after unplanned cases. Tool4Mail offers you the perfect and secure software that helps you to backup GMX emails to computer / PC / hard drive. GMX Backup Wizard promises you to download all mailboxes from GMX webmail account with total security.

The GMX mail backup wizard is available to download for free on any Windows versions. You can download and try it to archive GMX mailbox to PC with zero loss.

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