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“Gmail is the webmail solution of choice for millions of users these days and is a truly portable solution with reliability. Many users will be a little nervous about relying on all their data on the cloud. And it is very clear that the web connection may not exist all the time. Users are stuck in situations where they want to open Gmail messages but, due to internet failure they fail to connect to Gmail.”

Such a scenario demands a quick and smart method to convert Gmail emails to PDF. That permits you to open Gmail emails anywhere at any time in the absence of the internet.”

Today we are here for discussing manual and professional method to export Gmail emails to PDF.

Steps to Export Gmail Emails to PDF – Manually

Step 1. Open your Gmail account and sign in with your credential details.

Step 2. Select desire email message that you want to convert into PDF format.

Step 3. Open your email message and click on “Print” icon as directed on top right corner. You may also choose shortcut key CTRL+P to print message.

Step 4. Now, a new window pop-up. Click on the “Save” button to save Gmail email to PDF file format. You may also change file saving option by clicking change button.

Done!! Now, check your printed PDF file at your selected file location.

This method is applicable only for printing messages from Gmail to PDF format. It is not suitable for bulk export from Gmail to PDF format. Using this method, users are able to save Gmail email in PDF format one by one separately.


  • Single conversion at a time
  • Time Consuming
  • No attachment will be saved
  • No batch conversion

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I personally suggest you to install the best Tool4Mail Gmail Backup Wizard. This software allows you to export Gmail emails to PDF in bulk without any extra effort. The software has an intuitive interface that can be easily controlled by anyone (technical or non-technical) to export Gmail emails to PDF with attachments.

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Steps to convert Gmail email to PDF file format

Step 1. Run Gmail Backup tool and enter your Gmail credentials and click on the “Login”.

gmail to pdf

Step 2.Select saving file option as PDF from given list.

gmail to pdf converter

Step 3. Choose Gmail folder or file from the given list.

convert gmail email to pdf

Step 4. All Done!! Now, Click on "Start"

gmail to pdf converter

Now, software will start downloading Gmial Email to PDF format

Tool4Mail Gmail to PDF converter is the one of the best software available in the market with multiple additional features. You can export Gmail emails to PDF (legal Document Format) without taking time and manual efforts.

Key Features of Gmail to PDF Converter Tool

Export Gmail Emails to PDF in Batch

The Gmail to PDF converter tool allows users to export Gmail emails as a PDF in batches at a time. Means it permits users to batch convert Gmail email to PDF. This is one of the notable functionalities of the application as it is not one to one process, which will consume your time, here you are free to export unlimited email to PDF in single processing.

Maintain Folder Tree

Some users feel that it is better to export Gmail to PDF, what if data is lost or corrupted? Therefore, we have to tell you that there is no need to be concerned with these types of questions. All email components, email headers and other properties will be preserved throughout the batch process. In addition, the folder structure will be maintained during the conversion process.

Email Filter

The application provides date filter property for more advance processing. By implementing the option, a person can perform a selective migration of Gmail email to PDF. In this, you have to select the Email Advance filter option (Date Range, Two, Subject and Se) from the forward field and then the tool will only export that document to the PDF document.

Hold Attachments

By using Tool4Mail Gmail to PDF converter Wizard, user can export Gmail email to PDF with attachments. Most important and confidential emails sent through attachments file. That is why this tool includes attachments files in their respective emails.

Preserve Key Elements and Metadata

During the process of email conversion from Gmail to PDF, this software ensures to preserve the metadata as well as key elements of email (attachments, date, time, cc, bcc, etc.). This software ensures that no data is lost during this process.

Compatibility and Free Trial

Users can also try the free version of PDF converter to check whether the software is working based on the user's requirement. This application is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Vista, XP, Windows 7, etc.). The free trial version converts 25 emails from each folder in the tool.

Final Words

In the article above, we discussed manual and professional approaches and we found that the manual method for converting Gmail mail to PDF format is limited. Using this method, the user must select the email one by one for conversion, this takes time. Therefore, I personally suggest you to install Tool4Mail Gmail Backup Wizard to convert Gmail email to PDF format with multiple saving options. The software also allows you to export multiple emails at one click by clicking on the selective option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this software export Gmail email to PDF with attachments?

Yes, you can export Gmail email to PDF with attachments in multiple file saving options.

Is there any file size limitation to export Gmail to PDF with attachments?

No, you can export unlimited Gmail emails to PDF with attachments without any file size barrier.

Can I download the wizard on windows older version?

Yes, this software Gmail to PDF converter wizard supports all versions of Windows OS (windows 10, windows 8.1, 8, Vista, XP, etc.).

Is there any option given in the application to export my Gmail sent item folder to PDF format?

Yes, you can export Gmail Sent Items folder in PDF format with a single click. Using the Advanced filter option, you can select the folder you want to export. This software converts folders and emails without taking time.