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“Multiple users want to convert Gmail emails to HTML file format. reason why? HTML is a hypertext markup language. This means that it is a language that communicates with the web browser, it determines the structure of each page on the world wide web. In simple words, user can easily open Gmail message offline in any internet web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.). "

On this page, we will discuss two approaches manual (free trick) and professional or you can say the business approach to export Gmail Emails to HTML file format.

Step to export Gmail Emails to HTML – Free (manually)

Step 1. Sign into your Gmail account with your credential details

Step 2. Open your email message that you want to save as an HTML format.

Step 3. Press CTRL+S key to save the file.

Step 4. Click on the “save” button.

Step 5. Your desire message will be saved on your system in HTML format.

Now, check your message and open it in any web browser.

You need to repeat this step again and again for every email that you need to save as an HTML file.


  • Time-consuming
  • One by one (Single conversion at a time)t
  • Take time to load messages
  • Crash internet browser

Presenting Gmail to HTML Converter Tool – Most Affordable and Effected

Now, I am introducing the most reliable and affordable professional solution. Check out Tool4Mail Gmail to HTML converter software. This application allows you to export Gmail emails to HTML along with other multiple file-formats. The best part of this software allows you to convert multiple Gmail emails to HTML in single attempt

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Steps to batch convert Gmail emails to HTML file

Step 1. Run tool and go to Open >> Email Accounts >> Add Account.

gmail to html

Step 2. Enter your login credentials of Gmail account.

gmail to html converter tool

Step 3. Choose HTML as saving option from the list.

convert gmail emails to html

Step 4. Set the location and hit Save button.

export gmail emails to html

Done!! Now, the software will start downloading Gmail messages into .html file format.

Key Features of Gmail to HTML Converter Tool

Selective Folder Option

This software allows you to choose folders and labels from mailbox such as All Mail, Draft, Inbox, Sent Mail, Trash, Important, etc. This option helps you to download only the useful mailbox folders that you want in the desired system location. It will automatically save the user time and manual efforts.

Multiple File Formats

Gmail to HTML Converter Tool gives you the permission to download Gmail emails to HTML along with multiple file formats. The software offers you to export emails from Gmail to EML, PDF, MSG, XPS, MBOX, NSF, OLM, etc. without losing crucial information.

Preserve Key Elements

During the conversion process, the utility makes sure to preserve the key elements (subject, date, time, attachment, BCC, CC, layout, etc.) of your email. The software ensures that the conversion of your data will remain in its original format. Therefore, there will be no modification or data omissions during the conversion process.

Batch Export Gmail Emails

This application permits you to save Gmail emails to HTML in bulk. User has an option to select multiple emails or folders. It also facilitates having an email attachment during the conversion process. After the conversion process, you can easily open Gmail messages offline in chrome or any other web-based client.

Advance Email Filter Option

This feature is the main advantage of the software which makes it different from other software. It gives the user an email filter option (Date range, To, From, and Subject) for selective conversion. This will save your time, which is our priority.

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Final Words

In the above segment, we had discussed manuals and professional methods to export Gmail emails to HTML file format. I found Tool4Mail Gmail backup wizard is the best choice to perform email conversion. I personally recommend you to install this software. The software has many valuable features such as batch conversion, multiple file formats, email filter options, file naming options, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limitation on the number of email accounts that I can export?

No,, there is no limit on the number of Gmail accounts you can export from Gmail to HTML Converter.

How to export emails from Gmail to HTML?

Follow the below few steps to export Gmail emails to HTML;

  • Step 1. Run the Wizard and enter Gmail credentials.
  • Step 2. Select the desired folder after preview the files.
  • Step 3. Choose file format HTML from the list
  • Step 4. Click on the “Save” button.
  • Done!! This is how you can perform Gmail to HTML conversion directly.

Do I need an email client software to run this software?

No, you do not need an email client to run this software.

Is there any free trial version available to test the proficiency of software before investing in it?

Yes, you can download the free trial version of the Tool4Mail Gmail to HTML converter tool which permits you to export Gmail Emails to HTML up to 25 emails from each folder.