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Get to know how to open OFT files for free on Windows platform without data loss

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free oft viewer wizard

Do you need a freeware OFT Reader to open OFT file? But not found yet any? If yes, here you will get to know about the best viewer and the steps to view OFT files.

The OFT file is known as the Outlook File Template. It is a file format used for email templates and has a preformatted layout that is used to create custom messages with a similar appearance to save time. Oft is a versatile way of making videos, photos, and GIFs. It allows you to create mixed media content by combining more than one medium.

Since there are multiple online and offline OFT viewers but they will give exactly the result the users want. This is the challenging task on fins for the users. After searching and testing all types of viewers, we conclude that offline OFT opener wizards work well instead of online tools.

However, not all offline viewers provide the exact results, some of them do not retain the originality of the data and cannot display tons of files.

In order to open OFT files without any limitations and data loss, Tool4Mail OFT file Viewer is the great solution. It is designed to help people who want to view OFT files, but struggle with the lots of OFT files that stored large amount of information.

The OFT Opener is an efficient way for people to explore and find content. It is also a great tool for all those who want to read OFT files without installing any application. You can download the Free Email Viewer on your Windows 11 computer.

Steps to Open OFT Files with Tool4Mail OFT Reader;

Step 1. Run OFT Viewer and click Open >> Email Data Files >> OFT Files.

best free oft viewer wizard

Step 2. Choose Files or Folder to add OFT files in the panel.

view oft file

Step 3. Select file and preview OFT file with all information.

open oft file free

The software offers the simple interface that even a novice can easily use. It works successfully on latest Windows 11 and other versions.

Great Features of Tool4Mail OFT File Viewer

Add and View OFT Files in Bulk

The software offers the option to select a folder that will load all files stored in the entire folder and preview all of its contents. In this way, you can easily open OFT files in batch mode without losing any information.

Offers Advanced Search option

Tool4Mail OFT Reader Wizard offers the search option for deep analysis. It allows you to search for a specific Outlook File Template. You can also filter out the required template based on From, To, Date, Time, Subject, etc.

5 Preview Modes

The OFT Viewer provides multiple modes to open OFT template files which includes Content, Properties, Message Header, Hex View and Raw Message.

Free Download 100% Secure Buy Now30-Days Money Back

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will this OFT Reader Tool preview images associated with OFT files?

Yes, Tool4Mail offers the best OFT Viewer that provides preview of all items stored in the OFT file including images.

Are there any information loss issues related to this freeware?

No, this is a 100% secure utility that will not lose any information. It preserves all OFT file data in its original way..

Does the software work for me to open tons of OFT files?

Yes, the OFT file viewer wizard is programmed with advanced algorithm that has ability to add and view multiple OFT files with accuracy.