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Learn how to Open Maildir Files Including All Attachments on Windows OS

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free maildir viewer wizard

Do you want to know how to view Maildir files? Looking for a Maildir Viewer that is for free to download? If yes, you will get to know about the best tool to read and open Maildir files.

The Maildir email format is a common method of storing email messages, where each message is saved in a separate file with a unique name and each email folder is a file system directory.

When it comes to read Maildir files with all attachments, users want a reliable tool that preserves email properties and folder hierarchy. But it is sad but true that not all viewers give them exact result as they want. In this situation, Tool4Mail comes to help those users and offers the best and free Maildir file viewer wizard.

This tool will help you to open Maildir files for free including all attached information in different modes. It does not require installation of external application to read and analyze the Maildir files. This freeware is completely secure and can be easily installed on all Windows OS editions including latest Win 11.

With this Free Email Viewer tool, it is possible to search for a specific keyword and display the file you want. It has various useful features to help users do this task according to their needs.

Steps to Read Maildir Files Using Tool4Mail Free Maildir Viewer;

Download and install the Maildir reader wizard in the Windows system to view Maildir files.

Step 1. Click Open >> Email Data Files and select Maildir Files.

best free oft viewer wizard

Step 2. Browse and add Maildir files from your computer.

view oft file

Step 3. Click on the folder and view the files with all content.

open oft file free

That’s it. If you want to export the Maildir files to the file format or cloud service, you need to purchase the tool.

Key Features Provided by Tool4Mail Maildir Reader

Open Maildir Files with All Attachments

Freeware Maildir Viewer is an advanced and powerful utility that enable users to read Maildir files along with all its attachments. There are no file size limitations associated with this freeware to view and analyze Maildir files.

Analyze and Search in Files

Using this Maildir reader, it become easy for the users to view specific files by searching for a specific keyword. Even you can filter out the files according to Date, Time, Name, Subject, From, To, etc.

View Maildir Files in Multiple Modes

The wizard offers the several modes to preview Maildir files such as Content, Raw Message, Hex View, Message Header. You can also copy the content paste it anywhere on your system.

Free Download 100% Secure Buy Now30-Days Money Back

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I read Maildir files including their attachments?

Yes, Yes, this MSG Viewer provides a quick preview of Maildir files along with all attachments.

Is there any size and file number limitations with this tool?

No, Tool4Mail Maildir file view does not have limitations regarding file size and amount of files to view.

Does this Maildir Reader support Windows 11 to download?

Yes, the software is based on Windows and runs successfully on the latest Windows 11 including other earlier versions.