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Easy to use, fast and Windows-based Forensic Email Analysis software. It supports over 50 email services to find evidence from email and atachments.

Do you want to investigate emails for evidence? We know that it is a tedious task because finding evidence in the form of emails and attachments can be found in file formats, email clients and other email service providers. Tool4Mail Email Forensics tool helps you to find evidence from email messages as well as attachments in just a few simple steps.

What Actually Tool4Mail Forensic Email Analysis Software Provide

professional method
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Fast and 100% Accurate Results
  • Supports 50+ Email Service Providers
  • Save evidence in PDF file format
  • Find for a specific keyword
  • Search even in email attachments, PDF or DOC file

Forensic email analysis software is one of the best solution to investigate emails stored on email applications, file formats, email servers, and cloud-based email services. Evidence may save in anywhere in the emails like in attachments, in link, in images, etc. Tool4Mail Email Forensics tool provides facility to view email along with all attached information. It also supports to save evidence into PDF, CSV, PST, Gmail, Office 365, and so on.

This Email Investigation tool is fully compatible with all Windows OS version including the latest Win 11. No matter your email evidence stored in which type, the tool is capable enough to search, view and export emails from Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, eM Client, EML, MSG, MBOX, OFT, DBX, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, O 365, etc.

Securely download the Forensic Email Analysis software on Windows system and search evidence from mail messages.

What you recieve with Tool4Mail Email Forensics Wizard

  • Gmail Forensics Wizard
  • Outlook Forensics Wizard
  • MBOX Forensics Tool
  • OST Forensics Tool

Key Features and Benefits of Using Email Forensics Tool


Find Evidence from Multiple File Format & Email Clients

Tool4Mail Email Forensics Tool is a powerful utility that supports various formats and email applications for finding evidence. The user can search and view evidence from several file formats like MBOX, EML, PST, OST, DBX, OFT and more. In addition, it offers the ability to find evidence directly from the desktop based email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, Mailbird, Windows Live, etc.

Search Evidence from Email Servers and Cloud Accounts

This is one of the best email investigator tool as it helps almost all email service providers investigate. It offers the freedom to find evidence from Gmail accounts, Yahoo, Hotmail, and other IMAP-enabled email services. You can also search emails for several email servers such as Kerio, Zimbra, MDaemon and Communigate.

Preview and Search for Specific Keyword

search for specific keywords   

Tool4Mail Email Forensics software has advanced search features to make the investigation task easier for users. It offers a free preview of multiple emails at the same time saved in any format. You can click on email to preview it along with the attached information, which includes links, images, documents, etc. In addition, the advanced “Search” option helps you search emails for specific keyword. Even you can search data in Email Attachments, PDF or DOC file with this wizard. Moreover, it helps to extract data with phone number in an effortless manner.

Supports Several Saving Options

multiple saving options   

The forensic email analysis software supports multiple storage options which is the best feature and makes it more in demand when compared to other tools. Once you find evidence in emails and attachments, the tool offers the option to export it to PDF, TEXT, CSV, HTML, Gmail, etc. You can also apply date filtering to save emails of specific date only.

Easy to Use

This forensic email analysis software is 100% secure and always gives its users the most accurate results. The tool has been developed using an advanced algorithm and has a simple user interface. Any type of users (technical or non-technical) can easily understand how the tool works and do their job smoothly.

Windows Supportive

Download Email Forensics Tool on any version of the Windows Operating System. It is a completely Windows-based application and compatible with all Windows editions such as Win 11, 10, 8, 7, etc. Moreover, one can install it on 32 & 64 bit machines.

Preserves Metadata Properties

The software is known for its accurate results which users loved the most. It shows and exports emails with their original email properties. During and after the preview and export process, the tool retains the metadata properties and folder structure of emails. In this way, the user can find the emails and do forensic email analysis quickly.

The Final Words

It is a difficult task for the digital forensic investigator to examine many emails that are stored in multiple types of email files. To understand the investigator's need, Tool4Mail Email Forensics Tool helps users find evidence from emails stored in various file types. With this software, you can search emails from file formats, email clients, email servers, and cloud-based email accounts. It is easy to install and the 24*7 customer support team is always there for help.

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User Reviews

"This is one of the best email forensics software for forensic email analysis. The best thing about Tool4Mail software is that it can also be used to analyze evidence from emails as well as attachments from multiple platforms. Thank you for this great program."
"As a digital forensics investigator, my daily job is to thoroughly analyze email. So I looked for a solution that would allow me to find evidence from emails stored in multiple email file types while maintaining hierarchy. After using this email investigation software, I can say that it is a great email forensics tool that has saved me a lot of time. Well done!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search for specific keyword and view emails for evidence using this tool?

Yes, the software offers Search option by which you can easily search for a specific keyword and save lots of time.

Is this software maintaining email properties while investigations?

Yes, this Email Forensics tool preserves the metadata properties of emails throughout the process.

Can I examine emails along with their attachments during Emails Forensic Analysis?

Yes, the wizard provides free preview of emails with their attached data like images, links, documents, etc.

Does the Email Forensics tool install on Windows 11 system?

Of course, this Email investigation software is fully compatible with Windows 11 and other earlier versions.