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Tool4Mail Email Archive Tool is an accurate, fast and easy-to-use tool with over 90 webmail services for backing up data. With this wizard, you can easily download emails from the cloud services in the file format you want.

"For just a minute, imagine what it would be like if you lost all of your email data right now. What's in your account that you can't lose at any cost?"

Sounds awful, but it's true. These days, hackers are the smartest than you think. The hacker can hack your account and access your work as well as personal information like email, photos, business documents and much more.

So what's the solution to this problem?

There is one of the best and most trusted email archiving tool to keep your data safe from hackers, the Tool4Mail Email Backup Wizard. It is used by many users and has been tested by experts. Everyone received their data in accurate manner after the backup.

Features of good email backup solution

Let's see how it protects your important data from loss.

Quick Overview of Tool4Mail Email Backup Wizard

professional method

Tool4Mail Email Archive tool is the most advanced individual pieces of software for backing up data from multiple email services with multifunctionality. With the cloud backup software, you can backup emails from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL,, iCloud to your local system or an external storage device. It is an all-in-one email backup tool for storing a backup of multiple email services to the several formats like PDF, PST, MSG, and more. It is a standalone email archiving solution for all email service providers. The utility has several key features that we will discuss in the next section. So, let's start ...

With Tool4Mail you will receive:

What Makes Tool4Mail Email Backup Tool Best for Email Archiving?

All-in-One Email Backup Wizard

email backup wizard supported services   

The Wizard enables you to easily take the backup of your email data from different webmail, cloud server, email server, web server accounts. Now, you can easily backup emails from Gmail, Office 365, Ymail and other webmail acounts to various cloud and local system storage file formats without any issue.

Archive Emails in Multiple File Formats

multiple file format   

The Email Backup Wizard provides you an option to download and save email data like messages, contacts, calendars, and more to various file formats along with the attachment. You can convert and save emails to PST, MBOX, HTML, TXT, PDF, etc. You can later access the downloaded data that is the form of several fil types in the multiple email applications.

IMAP Backup Solution

imap backup   

The Email Backup Software is capable of importing emails from webmail data directly into the IMAP emailing server with complete information. You just need to provide your IMAP domain and port settings to directly import webmail emails into the IMAP server.

Advanced Search Available

advance search   

Tool4Mail Email Backup Wizard offers the search option that will help you to search for a specific keyword. Along with this, it allows you to filter email data by Subject, Date, Time, Name, To, From, Attachment, etc.

Cloud Email Backup

With this tool, you can easily perform the task of cloud to cloud backup process. The utility permits you to effortlessly import emails from one cloud account to another with attachment (notes, contacts, calendars, emails, subject, etc.) Means you can Backup emails from O365 to another O365 account, backup from one Gmail account to another. It supports almost all cloud-based services for taking backup. Also, the tool comes with an effective and effortless process.

Compatibility with Windows OS

Email Backup tool is capable of working with all edition of Windows operating system. It works smoothly on all latest Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and other below versions.

Provide Preview of All Data Items

The email archive software offers free preview of all mailbox data items in different modes including content, properties, hex view, message header, raw messages, etc. Here you can click on specific email items to preview along with all of them display attached information without loss.

Preserve Email Properties and Folder Hierarchy

The Tool4Mail Email Backup Wizard retains the properties of emails and the folder structure. After the backup, you can easily access the emails depending on the folder. It always provides 100% accurate results to its users.

Backup Unlimited Emails

This is an advanced all-in-one email backup wizard for archiving data. It has the ability to download an unlimited number of emails in the desired file format or cloud services without any restrictions. It also offers 24*7 customer support to help users.

Final Words

Through this post, we have discussed how you can convert EML to PST manually and automatically. Manual methods have some drawbacks, therefore to beat those drawbacks you will install and run the professional software to convert EML file to PST format.

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User Reviews

"Tool4mail Email Backup Wizard is effective and simple. It helps me to smoothly import my email data from one O365 account to another along with the attachment. Thanks!”
"One of the best Cloud Email Backup software I had in the past couple of years. I’ve reported no alteration in my backup data and the time consumed by the tool is really minimal."
"I've been using Tool4Mail email backup software for years now. I don't know what I would do without it. It's saved me so much time, has an easy-to-use interface, and the support team is always there to help with any issue that comes up. I highly recommend this wizard to anyone who wants to keep their data safe in times of need!
"This all-in-one Email backup wizard has been a lifesaver more than once. It's saved me from an emotional breakdown and also from losing my job. This software is what I recommend to everyone who wants to keep their life on track."

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Email Backup with free version of the tool?

Yes, you can use the free version of the Tool4Mail Email Backup Wizard to take backup from any webmail email services. The free version allows you to backup 25 emails from each folder.

How do I save emails from Gmail account to my computer?

You can save emails from Gmail account to your desktop by using Tool4Mail IMAP Backup Wizard. It allows you to save emails in multiple file formats.

Is there any file size restriction during cloud email backup?

No, there is no file size limitations to backup or save emails into the ddesired format or email service with this tool.

Can I use Email backup Wizard on any Windows OS?

Yes, The tool supports all version of Windows Operating system including Windows 11 and 10.

How many emails can we archive in the system with this wizard?

There are no restrictions on this all-in-one email backup software, so you can backup as many emails as you want without any restrictions and data loss issue.