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DXL is content whole email accounts mails data, contacts, calendars, etc. mails data into a single file format. Generally, the user wants some mails to print DXL to PDF format and send very little information to others with the non-changeable format. Then users need effective converter software that has some way to convert DXL to PDF file format among seconds. So, I am introducing one of the best Tool4Mail DXL to PDF Converter that works with standalone and freedom interface platform to export DXL to PDF format without any problem and hassle. The utility is conjointly ready to convert DXL to PDF format in bulk without any limitations. Additionally, it offers a free demo version to its users. You can export 25 emails from each folder with all features that available in the license version.

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Steps to Export DXL to PDF Format are as follows;

Step 1. Launch DXL to PDF Converter in your system.

convert dxl to pst

Step 2. Click on add file and select file or folder for multiple files and tab on add.

dxl to pst

Step 3. Hit on the Export option and choose PDF as a file saving option.

export dxl to pst

Step 4. Choose the desire location and click on the export button to begin the conversion process.

dxl to pst converter

Done! Now, the tool automatically starts the conversion process.

Important Key Features of DXL to PDF Converter

Date Filter Option

Tool4Mail DXL to PDF Converter comes up with the Mail Filter option; it permits users to convert DXL to PDF file format between certain date ranges only. Click on Mail filter checkbox & set the From Date and the To Date for selective data conversion from DXL file.

File Naming Option

When you export DXL to PDF file, the tool can provide you with an associate choice to opt for any desired naming possibility. By default, the software saves the PDF file with the Subject line of email however you’ll be able to amendment it into formats like; Subject + Date (DD-MM-YYYY), From + Subject + Date (YYYY-MM-DD) etc. Along with this, you can also save the emails in Auto incremental format or with MD5 of email.

Retain Metadata and Attachments

Even after the conversion of DXL files to PDF all technical properties like sender, receiver, subject, etc. are maintained along with the attachments. Tool4Mail DXL to PDF Converter software carry out the process efficiently. No file formatting is done & it maintains data integrity while not damaging file texture.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

Tool4Mail DXL to PDF Converter gives multiple options for maintaining the initial structure of folders. The utility maintains hierarchy throughout the conversion process to stay the initial file format intact. And save entire DXL data among one folder and save at desire location.


You can simply launch and use the tool DXL to PDF Converter utility in all versions of Windows operating system such as win 8.1, win8, XP, Vista, etc. It supports both the operating system (32-bit and 64-bit). In addition, the application offers a free version to convert DXL to PDF file format to its users. It supports all features of the license version. You will be able to export 25 emails from every folder.

Final Words

Tool4Mail DXL to PDF Converter is a professional tool that can convert DXL to PDF file format without losing any data. And the original file items remain unchanged after the conversion process. It is quite user-friendly which makes the DXL to PDF Converter more easy and quick. So, I will suggest you to download it and use it according to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this software need Lotus notes installation?

No, DXL to PDF conversion tool is an independent tool and does not need Lotus Notes installation in the system for executing the conversion.

How many DXL files I can convert at a time?

There is no restriction for .dxl file conversion. Users can convert multiple DXL files to PDF.

Is there any file size limitation to export DXL to PDF format?

No, the software provides an unlimited file size conversion opportunity to transfer DXL files to PDF.

Is there any possibility to change screen view mode?

Yes, you can change the screen view mode from horizontal to vertical or vice-versa.