How Do I Save Emails from Webmail to Hard Drive [Solved Now]


Creating backup of emails is an important nd needed task for every user to protect their mailboxes. However, many users are facing problem o how to take backup of emails to the computer. Therefore, today, I will discuss the top most solution and solve the user query- how do I save emails from webmail to hard drive or PC.

Webmail has multiple folders such as Inbox, Sent, Draft, Trash, and others. User need to backup the required folders and save webmail emails to computer.

Nowadays there are several webmail services that help users to send/receive emails and manage their daily tasks. But now, hackers are smarter than we think, so backing up emails is a good choice for future access.

But manually, it is difficult for the users to download emails from the different folders or all folders at once. It also takes hours and days to complete. So, to make this task simple, I am going to share the best email backup wizard for Windows platform.

Before moving further, first we need to know what user actually need. Is user want to backup webmail emails to computer for saving emails in different file format?

Why Users Want to Save Emails from Webmail to Hard Drive?

There are multiple reasons behind when user need to save Webmail emails to computer. Sometimes, user want to transfer their emails to multiple file format so that it is easy to access emails in different email clients. Some of the user requirements are-

  • Backup webmail emails to MSG format
  • Export webmail to PST for Outlook
  • Save webmail emails as PDF file
  • Convert webmail to MBOX format
  • Save emails from webmail to HTML
  • Export webmail to EML file
  • Convert Webmail emails to CSV file

Downloading webmail in these file formats on computer is the best way to save and backup emails in desired location. Once you save emails in the file types, you can access emails in Outlook, Thunderbird, any browser, Excel file, etc.

What is the Solution to Save Webmail Emails to Computer?

The automated tool is the best in order to backup webmail emails. You can quickly and securely save emails from webmail to hard drive using Mail Backup Software. It gives you the option to download emails from multiple folders at once. Or you can select the specific folder from which you want to save emails.

This is known as all-in-one solution of all backup needs. One can smoothly take Yahoo mail backup of multiple emails in a single click with no loss of data. It is simple to use, do no worries if you have no technical knowledge. Any novice can easily run it and accomplish their task in short time.

It is 100% workable on all versions of Microsoft Windows OS which includes the latest version 11, 10, and others. The software supports to export webmail emails to several file types which are supported by different email applications.

To start the process of how do I save emails from webmail to hard drive, download the software on your PC.

Steps to Copy Emails from Webmail to Computer or Hard Drive are;

Step 1. Start the tool and click Open. Select Email Accounts and add account.

save emails from webmail to hard drive   

Step 2. Enter the correct credentials or webmail account.

enter credentials   

Step 3. Preview and choose the folder from which you want to save emails.

choose folder   

Step 4. Press the Export button and select the file format as needed.

select file type   

Step 5. Hit on the Save button to start saving webmail emails to computer.

save webmail emails to computer   

After successful completion of the backup process, you can view your emails on your system.

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Multiple Saving Options for Webmail Backup

This IMAP backup wizard provides several options for doing webmail account mailbox backups. Let’s have a look:

  • 7 File Formats: The software enables you to export webmail emails to the different file types such as Adobe PDF, PST, MBOX, EML, HTML, etc. This way you can backup webmail emails to the computer in different formats.
  • Multiple Email Applications: You can migrate emails from webmail to the desktop-based email clients. It provides facility to transfer webmail emails to Thunderbird, Eudora, Pocomail, Horde Mail, Mac Mail, Entourage, etc.
  • Several Webmail Client: No doubt you can save emails from webmail to hard drive or PC using this tool. But along with this, it transfer emails from one email account to another. Yes, you can copy emails from multiple webmail services such as:

Advanced Features of Webmail Backup Wizard

Save Emails from All Folders

This software is designed to help the users to backup webmail emails to PC. It is capable to copy emails from all mail folders like inbox, sent, draft, ans others in a single go. Moreover, you can use it to backup unlimited emails from any webmail service.

Backup Attachments With Emails

With this tool, you are able to save webmail emails to computer along with all the attachments. If you want to copy only specific emails, then you can click on the Search icon. This allows you to apply filters on the emails and attachments.

Keep All Data Intact

This is the best solution for how to save emails from webmail to hard drive. The software preserves all mailbox data as it originally is. Email properties remain the same during backup. In addition, the folder structure is preserved even after the webmail backup.

Windows OS Compatibility

The software is completely Windows-based which works with all latest and previous versions. You can copy webmail emails to hard drive on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.

Zero Loss of Data

It is a 100% secure wizard that always provides accurate results to its users. Throughout the process, no single piece of information of your account is ever corrupted. You can safely save webmail emails on the computer, the tool does not store any data in its database.


Here the most searched user request how do I save emails from webmail to hard drive is fulfilled here. The manual approach is not a good choice for creating backup because it is very time consuming and technical too. Therefore, it is advisable to go with the automated software to safely copy webmail emails to hard drive or PC.

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