How to Export Yahoo Emails to PST Manually? Complete Guide

If you searching for the best options for your query how to export Yahoo emails to PST manually then you have landed on the right spot. In this article, I will highlight different methods to easily export Yahoo mail to PST format and stores locally on your PC. Some of the methods are manual while some are professional approaches. So keep reading to find step by step complete guide to converting Yahoo emails to PST format.

Steps to Export Yahoo Mail to PST File Format - Manually

To export Yahoo emails to PST file format, you have to configure Yahoo mail account to Outlook first. Please follow the mentioned steps to convert Yahoo emails to PST format manually;

Step 1. Launch MS Outlook application in your machine.

Step 2. Enter your Yahoo credential details and click on connect.

Step 3. Tab on account type and select pop3

Step 4. Besides incoming mail server, enter and click on outgoing mail server>>enter

Step 5. Enter your Yahoo account credentials.

Step 6. Click on the “More settings” button.

Step 7. Choose the “Outgoing server” and make sure to check the two options “My SMTP Requires Authentication” and “Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server”.

Step 8. Now choose the advance Tab and the user has to change the incoming and Outgoing server port numbers. POP server: 995, SMTP server: 465

Step 9. As “Encryption Type” the user has to choose “SSL” option and select “This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection”

Step 10. Now click on “OK” and then Next to export Yahoo mail to PST.

Step 11. Close the active window and click on the Finish button.

Step 12. Restart the Microsoft Outlook application.

Step 13. Now click on the send/receive button to restart the Outlook. In order to send/receive all mails. The user will get all mails of the Yahoo account.

Done! This is how to export Yahoo emails to PST manually, but there are some drawbacks of manual approach while performing the process to export Yahoo emails to PST format.


  • Risk of data loss during the conversion procedure.
  • Time – consuming process to export Yahoo to PST file.
  • Hard to perform the task for non-technical users.

Professional Method to Export Yahoo Emails to PST File

Tool4Mail Yahoo Backup Wizard comes up with a standard and consistent interface platform to export Yahoo mail to PST file format. With the help of this software, you can select and export multiple Yahoo mail to Outlook on a single click. It maintains the originality of the file folder during and after the conversion of data. You can save your data to a PC or any other external storage device like hard drive, pen drive, etc.

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Steps to Export Yahoo Emails to PST Format without Outlook

Step 1. Run the software in your system and enter your credential details.

export yahoo emails to pst manually

Step 2. Click on Backup and select PST as a file saving option from the given list.

export yahoo to pst

Step 3. Select the Yahoo file or folder from the list.

export yahoo emails to pst

Step 4. Click on the “Start” button.

export yahoo mail to pst

Done! Now, the software instantly export Yahoo to PST file and then you can import PST file into MS Outlook directly via Open/Export option.

Why Tool4Mail Yahoo Backup Wizard is the effective Solution?

Following are some of the major reasons due to which we recommend this program to export Yahoo to PST format:

  • Maintains the file and Sub-folder structure.
  • Preserve key elements and Metadata.
  • Enable batch conversion option to export Yahoo to PST file.
  • Enable multiple file formats.
  • Supports all versions of Windows OS including Windows 10.
  • Available Free Demo version for testing.

I hope this article smoothly down the problems and make you able to out from this tricky situation "how to export Yahoo emails to PST manually?". The software provides the simplest way and gives the knowledge to export Yahoo to PST file with a safe and secure platform. Yahoo Backup Wizard available for free to download and export 25 Yahoo mail to PST file format for testing and understanding the functionality of this software.

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