AOL Backup Wizard Download for Windows & Mac


Know the best technique to backup AOL emails with attachments.

Are you having problems using the AOL email service due to its complex user interface? Or you want to archive AOL mail along with attachments?

This article describes the ultimate solution for seamlessly saving emails from AOL mailboxes to other webmail accounts, multiple file formats and email clients.

If you want to know how to backup AOL mail data on Windows PC. Then read this article. Here is the best and reliable method using which you can save AOL emails to flash drive.

Best AOL Backup Wizard to Download

Tool4Mail AOL Mail Backup Tool is the best email backup software of 2022 that can help you backup AOL emails to PC without data loss. Using this wizard, you can save various data from AOL mailbox in batch mode.

In addition, this software allows you to backup selected data from AOL account with date based options. This utility manages email properties and folder hierarchies during and after the conversion process. With this software, you can transfer all of your AOL Mail account data at one time.

The best part of the tool is that you will get the same exact results without missing any single data. Also, the utility lets you convert AOL emails to PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, and PDF formats.

The AOL Backup Wizard is easy to use as it has a simple interface that anyone can use. It comes with a free demo version that can be downloaded by anyone and everyone so that you can test the tool without investing any money. So, download the tool now. This software can smoothly runs on all latest Windows Operating System.


Steps to Backup AOL Emails to Hard Drive or Computer for Windows are;

Step 1. Run AOL Backup tool and click Email Accounts then Add Account.

run aol backup wizard 

Step 2. Enter AOL Mail Account Email Address and Password.

enter aol credentails 

Step 3. Click Export option and select desire saving format.

select file types 

Step 4. Hit the Save button to backup AOL emails.

backup aol emails 

Done!! This is how any novice can easily archive AOL mail to local drive or PC with ease.

This softare allows you to open AOL emails in different email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc., by converting into popular file formats.


Steps to Archive AOL Mail to PC for Mac are as follows;

Step 1. Launch Mac AOL Mail Backup tool and then enter AOL account login details.

run mac aol backup wizard 

Step 2. Select the desired email folders and pick the desire file format.

select file types 

Step 3. Browse location to save output data and click on Start Backup.

backup aol emails 

Remarkable Features of AOL Mail Backup Tool

Backup of All AOL Mail Data

With the help of AOL Backup Wizard, you can easily back up your AOL account information like email, calendar, contacts and more. You can also use the AOL Backup Tool to archive AOL data for a single AOL folder. You can download AOL attachments also along with their respective emails.

Selective AOL Email Backup

AOL Email Backup Tool offers an advanced algorithm to selectively archive AOL mail data items. Just check or uncheck the boxes next to each item. The software only saves the data that has been selected according to your requirements. The software has advanced filters like date filters. If you want to archive AOL mail for a specific date, you can use a date filter.

Preserve Folder Hierarchy

The AOL Backup Wizard has a special feature to keep the folder structure of your AOL account after the backup is complete. In addition, data integrity is maintained and all meta-attributes are saved in every downloaded email.

100% Safe Backup

Successful backup of your AOL account must go through an authentication mechanism implemented by the software to ensure a secure backup of AOL in an isolated environment. You must allow access to the software in order for it to be fully analyzed. The software does not store your credentials in the database. So that you data is 100% secure.

Pause and Resume Feature

If the software is interrupted by a system interruption or other user activity, the AOL Backup Tool will automatically pause the operation. You can continue the process, once all interruptions have been resolved.

Final Words

Hopefully, this blog will give you information about AOL mail backup on Windows PC. It is recommended to try the best AOL Backup Wizard as it is fast, secure, and has the ability to backup AOL emails files without giving any error.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why to choose Tool4Mail AOL Backup Wizard?

The finest thing about the software was that, there is no need to install any other tool to get the accurate results. Moreover, the tool gives you permission to add and save any size of data without any obstacle. It is simple and powerful tool I have ever used.

How to backup AOL emails in PC using this utility?

Fllow the Steps to download emails from AOL Mail account to PC are;

  • Step 1. Install and run Tool4Mail AOL Backup Tool in your system.
  • Step 2. CLick Open >> Email Accounnts and select Add Account.
  • Step 3. Enter you AOL Account Email ID and Password.
  • Step 4. Hit Export and select the desire file format.
  • Step 5. Click on Save button to start the backup process.
Is there any limitation to the file size of the AOL folder?

No, there is no such limitation impose by the AOL email backup tool. You can easily add and save unlimited amount of data, irrespective of their size.

Is there any option to backup AOL emails in bulk at once?

Yes, it is powerful tool that supports multiple emails to convert. You can easily backup multiple AOL emails in bulk without missing any data.

Can I archive AOL emails along with all attachments?

Yes, the AOL Mail backup tool permits you to save attachments associated with emails with no loss of data.